BNGroup Ltd.delivers to every single point in Bulgaria.

Presently we ship our goods within the country by D and D and Speedy.

Orders placed before 17,30 are shipped the same day and reach our customers the next business day.

In Sofia we ship on our account for the next business day as the price is 4 BGN.

This is valid for orders with weight up to 8 kgs and it is not valid for heater cores.

Heaters cores are delivered for 4 BGN for the next business day and for 8 BGN for the same business day.

If customer wishes delivery could be made at fixed time which will add 2, 40 BGN additional value to the cost of the order.

The earliest fix our is 10,30 a.m.

In normal conditions we can guarantee to our customers in Sofia delivery 90 minutes after order was placed.

This will be changed around national holidays or points in Sofia that are very distant from our warehouse.

In these cases we warn our customers in advance that delivery could be delayed.

We can offer express deliveries /up to 3 hours from placing the order/ till 16,30 at the same business day.


In all other cities except for Sofia we divide the courier cost with our customers for value of orders below 200 BGN and we pay 100 % of delivery costs for orders with value more than 200 BGN.

This is valid for orders with weight up to 20 kgs.


We insure all the orders that we send by courier.

Tax is paid 100 % by BNGroup Ltd.

All goods are carefully inspected in front of a courier before being sent to our customers.

If there is some damage of the parcel or the product inside customers should state it in front of the courier and sign a written pretense from which we need to have a copy sent by e-mail.

We also send international parcels.

The price for delivery depends on the country, the preferred courier or method of delivery.

We also look for the most efficient and cheap way to deliver our products internationally.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us about the price of a product and the cost of delivery to your country!